Law firm specializing in corporate law, family property law, notarial law and judicial law

About us

Our firm is human-sized which enables us to guarantee a personalized, quality service for each of our clients. 

We specialize in Corporate law and Family law as well as in Judicial law.

Our association is founded on the ascertainment that economic law and property law blend or clash in daily life and that few firms develop the necessary links between these two disciplines. 

This is our main winning asset: advising and defending our clients (SMEs, business leaders, partners, directors/managers, heirs, spouses, etc.) on matters concerning their business and their personal and/or family property.

Corporate law – Economic law

Bankruptcy law, company law, managers’ liability and security, commercial contract law,….

Family property law – Notarial law

Law of succession, liquidation of matrimonial property regimes, notarial procedure, etc.

Judicial law

Procedure in general, particular procedures (inventory, seals, international jurisdiction, arbitration, seizures, insolvency), etc.

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